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February 22, 2017
Artist: Linda Woods
Title: unknown
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Beadwork Pastel
Collage Pen.Ink
Digital.Art Pencil
Glassware Photography
Jewelry Pottery
Marker Sculpture
Metal Textile
Mixed .Media  Watercolor

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            Artist: Todd V
Click the image to view the full size version of "Queen Mother of the Red Hat Society"
Title: "Queen Mother of the Red H..."
Size: 30"H x 24"W
Quantity: 1
Price: $950.00 US. 

Message from Toddv

So its been a crazy couple of years here at iSmudge, but we have a super cool-a-licious plan for the future! A few weeks ago I launched City Art Project, Inc. and we are in the process of filing for our 501(c)3 status. We are developing a complete system for the incubation and development of emerging artists, as well as a program of education for rural and inner city children who don't have access to arts programming in the public school systems. Plus all sorts of other cool stuff, but I won't bore with all of it right now...

So, what does that mean for all of you wonderful iSmudge users? Not a whole lot will change right away. In time though, this will become part of CityArtProject.org, powered by the iSmudge engine. You won't have to do anything different, you'll just see a new name around here a lot! Also, it means that unfortunately, very soon, we will see the END of new FREE memberships. I am sorry, but we simply can't afford to keep this up with so many free memberships. But wait, don't panic! If you are already a member you will still be a member, we aren't kicking anybody out. You will all be grandfathered into the new system. So don't worry, you are still a part of the family. And if you have been waiting to join... you better hurry up!

Additionally, we have been developing a new weekly web show called the Artists Reality, and soon we will be featuring City Art (iSmudge) members on the show, so you will want to tune in each week to see who we feature, and if you have suggestions for the show, please let us know! You can see current episodes now at www.ArtistsReality.com.

Okay... that's all for now. Stay tuned and thanks for your continued support!

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SPONSOR - Patricia Atencio!

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